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A blog about industry and how it has changed

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Ensure results from exhibiting at a show by getting your company's exhibition stand just right

Attending a business trade show or exhibition can certainly be costly. Whether it's a successful venture for your company though is likely to depend entirely on how well your stand, well... "stands out". Naturally, companies who are going to regularly attend exhibitions or trade events will probably already see the worth in investing in a custom-made, eye-catching stand that can be re-used.

event marqueesThere are a number of companies who specialise in designing and creating event and exhibition stands. It's well worth taking note of their advice too as they will not only know what will work to get your company noticed, but they will also have a great deal of experience in making the best use of space, which is often at a premium at these sort of events.

It probably makes sense to try to use a company who are reasonably close to you in the first instance. For example, Showplace is based in Warwickshire, but also has a base outside the UK too, so they cover quite a large area. Others might be better set up to just deal with work in their own locality. One thing to find out is whether the company can work to any particular deadlines that you might have.

Next you need to talk to your chosen company about the type of event, what your company is offering there and what you are hoping to gain from it. There are likely to be lots of things that you will need to think about. Once basic questions have been answered the design and build stage can begin and your exhibition stand can really start to take shape. If your event stand is well thought out, well designed and well made it should be something that your company can use over a number of events.

For most companies exhibitions are a big investment. However, if they are done right they can deliver huge rewards too. So be sure to plan it carefully. As For more information in regards to www.showplace.co.uk (www.iamsport.org) review our own page. well as using a specialist company to design and produce your stand, think about how you are going to attract visitors, engage with them and follow-up with them after the event. By devoting time to all of these areas at the planning stage you can expect to reap the rewards later on.
8.9.17 23:58

Want to Know How to Make an Impact at a Trade Event?

Taking advantage of your exhibition investment means focusing on 2 vital things; drawing in visitors to your stand and interacting with them when they are there. Boosted enquiries and also lots of new sales leads will follow if you get it spot on.

event marqueesHowever, every stand at the exhibition will be attempting to do the same. So, just how can you make sure that your stand, marquee or exhibition trailer gets the attention it needs?

At trade events gaining worthwhile interaction needs to begin with obtaining site visitors to your stand. With numerous stands contesting each site visitor, the competition is hard. These are some tried-and-tested attention-grabbers...

Entertainment - It could be a model racing track, a juggler or even a minor star. Entertaining your site visitors is a sure-fire method of getting a good level of attention as are having recognised faces from TELEVISION or movie around your stand. If your spending does not extend to hiring a popular celebrity it may be worth choosing a lookalike as this may work just as well.

Amazing stand styling - Certainly an obvious, yet often neglected, means to draw in attention to your stand; use the stand design itself to capture the visitors' eye. Event stands, marquees or exhibition trailers with magnificent style attributes can be a lot more eye-catching than any kind of gimmick on it. To help with this you may want to utilise a specialist company. For example, a company who are experts in the designing and building of stands for trade events.

Innovative technology - Maybe a game or office innovation, this approach could do a wonderful job of drawing in visitors to your stand. A very popular attraction can have site visitors gathering around in a large group so everyone nearby will certainly wish to see just what the bustle is about. Through this, the stand will gain yet more interest.

Workshops - A lot of event guests are there to find out things, so offer a seminar on a well-researched, intriguing subject that will appeal to the visitors and also show that you have ways to resolve to some of your market's difficulties. If you can also show thought-leadership, so much the better.

Once you have brought in visitors to your stand, you then have to engage them. Below are a couple of concepts that have been used effectively on event stands:

Coffee - It may seem apparent, but it does function. This is for a couple of reasons: To start with it is often fairly hard to find by good tasting and affordable tea or coffee at exhibitions, so you're providing something that lots of individuals will want, and a nice hot tea or coffee provides you the opportunity to speak to the visitor in while they wait for it to cool.

Engaging stand personnel - Well-trained, highly engaging personnel are able to make all the difference. We have actually all seen stands where the team appear friendly and well-informed yet do not have that extra something to make you wish to stop at the stand and chat about the product or brand being displayed.

Videos - With your team just able to engage with a restricted number of site visitors at any one time, video are a great way to get and hold the interest of event visitors at the same time offering some information on your company or solution. Be certain to build in a call-to-action such as 'take one of our brochures' or 'check this QR-code to send us an email' to enhance follow-up contacts.

Live Social Media Posts - Add another connection with site visitors by presenting a live Twitter feed. Event visitors may follow you on Twitter, use your hashtag and also have the opportunity to put questions to your offsite sales personnel, aiding in your efforts to involve as well as inform your site visitors even when all of your on-site personnel are tied up talking to other visitors.

However you decide to draw in and involve visitors to your stand, it is always important to pursue your brand-new leads within a couple of days of the event. Research shows that getting in touch with within 3 days gives the best results. Ideally, make the follow up individual - this is a lot more memorable and therefore can make a big difference to the perception of your company and your brand.
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